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New developments in under the hood technology

imagePredictions of the next big thing in computer technology are often cloaked in the hyperbole of grand ideas and lifestyle determinants. Product launches take this to a natural conclusion with all the fanfare necessary to capture the imagination as well as a healthy market share. What is clear in the latest big ideas, whether for business or leisure, is that computers are on the move. Virtualisation, cloud computing, the latest laptops, netbooks, phones and tablets have all helped shape mobile communications and entertainment. Yet there is life in desktop PCs still and what is under the hood is no less dynamic and every bit as functional. (more…)

Skype for the Android Smart Phones Now Available For Download

Effective technology at its best
imageThe availability of Skype for Android Smart phones is threatening to bring the market to a standstill with sheer admiration. The use of Wi-Fi technology has never been better than this. They have really gone all out with the design tricks and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

The exceptions in the USA, China and Japan are rather disappointing but everyone else can enjoy this capability with full gusto. This is a long awaited development and it seems that they were simply sitting on a treasure. (more…)

Why You Can Probably Skip Buying 3G on an iPad 2

When you’re shopping for an iPad 2, you have a dozen configurations to choose from, and some recent discoveries will make this decision much easier for you. (more…)