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Usain Bolt Leads Jamaica to World Record; U.S. Fails to Finish Final

imageDAEGU, South Korea — In one whirlwind week, Usain Bolt turned the biggest disappointment of his career into another golden show capped with a world record that even he didn’t think was within him.

After opening with a false start in 100 final last Sunday, Usain Bolt again produced the amazing in his closing race of the world championships — anchoring Jamaica to a world record in the 4 x 100-meter relay.

Fittingly, Jamaica’s yellow-green-and-black flag was the last one rising into the night over Daegu Stadium, and Bolt spread his giant arms wide to soak in the occasion with all his might. (more…)

US debt deal: The cracks are starting to show

imageEven a deal on the debt ceiling will not cover up the fundamental crisis at the heart of American politics, says Robert Dallek.

There is much that is admirable about America’s politics: the growing opportunity for anyone, regardless of religion, race or gender, to run for any and all offices; and the long history of peaceful transitions set in place when Thomas Jefferson announced in his first Inaugural: “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.” (more…)

Parliament suddenly baulks at getting the Murdochs to appear

As the tumbril trundled through the streets of London, escorted by a detachment of the Grenadier Guards, its two occupants gazed for what could be the last time at the various newspaper offices and printing works they used to own.

Father and son were on their way to Westminster to appear before the mighty Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. In vain they had tried to wriggle out of this engagement by pleading that they had already accepted an invitation to a power breakfast on the outskirts of Chipping Norton.

Early that morning, a man of martial demeanour, wearing 18th-century costume and armed with a sword, had appeared at the Murdochs’ headquarters and summoned them, in barely comprehensible language, to present themselves before the implacable John Whittingdale (C, Maldon), chairman of the said committee, and his nine terrifying colleagues, among them the grand inquisitor himself, Tom Watson (Lab, West Bromwich East).

If the Murdochs refused this summons, they would be clapped in irons and thrown into the Tower of London, where they would find themselves sharing a dungeon with Gordon Brown (Lab, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath), who would harangue them about the evils of News International until their spirit was broken. (more…)

Niece work for Cheyenne is good news for Tiger Woods’ family values

imageCheyenne Woods is stepping out of the shadow of her famous but flawed uncle and making a name for herself on the college golf circuit

The joke has worn thin after repeated airings in media outlets across the United States but it makes a powerful point about the most famously fallen athlete of the modern era. At last, it begins, the Woods family of golfers has found a winner.

The punchline is that the winner in question is not Tiger Woods, whose last victory came 18 months ago, but his 20-year-old niece Cheyenne, who last week – in a style not dissimilar to her famously dominant uncle in his heyday – beat the field at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) women’s championship by seven shots.

Everyone is piling on poor old Tiger, even Cheyenne, who was asked in one of her television appearances this week if she might consider giving her uncle some advice on how to win a tournament. “Maybe I should,” she replied without missing a beat. (more…)

Canucks Meet Blackhawks in 1st Round of NHL Playoffs

imageAmir Khan shuns Britain to become Golden Boy in US following controversial defeat of Paul McCloskey Acrimony and controversy, the loss of £1 million and a broken relationship with boxing’s principal television broadcaster marred Amir Khan’s ‘homecoming’ to Manchester to defend the World Boxing Association light-welterweight title after 17 months in the United States. In short, it was a public relations disaster for Khan (more…)

Why Beck Is Out At Fox: Poor Ratings And Paranoid Rants

After weeks of rumors about poor ratings and increasing concern at Fox News headquarters over Beck’s apocalyptic ranting, it’s finally official — Glenn Beck is ending his daily show on Fox. An announcement posted on his website today, but then taken down without explanation, said: (more…)

High School Soccer in the United States

High school soccer in the United States is as complex and varied as the country itself.
With fifty states each running scholastic sports independently of each other and with each of those states incorporating scores of city, district, and regional competitions, little is standardized beyond the rules; even the season in which the sport is played varies from location to location. (more…)