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New developments in under the hood technology

imagePredictions of the next big thing in computer technology are often cloaked in the hyperbole of grand ideas and lifestyle determinants. Product launches take this to a natural conclusion with all the fanfare necessary to capture the imagination as well as a healthy market share. What is clear in the latest big ideas, whether for business or leisure, is that computers are on the move. Virtualisation, cloud computing, the latest laptops, netbooks, phones and tablets have all helped shape mobile communications and entertainment. Yet there is life in desktop PCs still and what is under the hood is no less dynamic and every bit as functional. (more…)

Apple ‘bidding for Hulu’

Apple is believed to looking at buying Hulu, the US online TV aggregator, according to reports.

Bloomberg has cited two unnamed sources as saying the technology giant is in early stage talks to join the bidding for the successful online TV player, co-owned by News Corporation, Walt Disney and NBC.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

By the end of the summer, the video site is expected to have one million paid subscribers. (more…)

A computer-free projector?


Where can I find a projector that works without having a computer connected to it? Our photographic group meets monthly and nominates a theme.

Members then display and discuss the pictures they’ve taken at the following meeting. We use the projector setup at our local pub but it is really designed for football matches, TV etc.

It only accepts camera memory cards and even then will not permit us to open selected files. Is there such a thing as a projector with a USB port, so that we may use memory sticks? We only wish to show pictures so do not require sound or the facility to show movies. It would also have to be portable in order to remove it each week. Are there any models that work without a PC or laptop? (more…)

Niece work for Cheyenne is good news for Tiger Woods’ family values

imageCheyenne Woods is stepping out of the shadow of her famous but flawed uncle and making a name for herself on the college golf circuit

The joke has worn thin after repeated airings in media outlets across the United States but it makes a powerful point about the most famously fallen athlete of the modern era. At last, it begins, the Woods family of golfers has found a winner.

The punchline is that the winner in question is not Tiger Woods, whose last victory came 18 months ago, but his 20-year-old niece Cheyenne, who last week – in a style not dissimilar to her famously dominant uncle in his heyday – beat the field at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) women’s championship by seven shots.

Everyone is piling on poor old Tiger, even Cheyenne, who was asked in one of her television appearances this week if she might consider giving her uncle some advice on how to win a tournament. “Maybe I should,” she replied without missing a beat. (more…)

Microsoft aims for ‘beautiful PCs’

image‘The Collection’ will group together PCs that combine style and performance, Microsoft has said Microsoft has launched a bid to make PCs objects people aspire to own, with a new focus on design and style. (more…)