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Samsung pulls tablet PC from trade show amid row

imageSouth Korea’s Samsung Electronics said Monday it has withdrawn its new tablet computer from a major electronics fair in Berlin after a German court accepted a complaint from US rival Apple.

Samsung Sunday removed its Galaxy Tab 7.7 inch from the annual IFA show following an order Friday from a district court in Duesseldorf banning sales and marketing, a company spokesman told AFP. (more…)

HP TouchPad tablet review

There’s a lot to like about HP’s new TouchPad – but not enough says Matt Warman.
Wireless charging. Audio from Dr Dre. An operating system unlike that made by either Apple or Google. HP’s new tablet, the TouchPad, ought to have a lot going for it. It’s even got a magazine to tell you all about the best apps to buy.

It feels solid, albeit slightly plasticky in the hand. At 740g, it’s slightly heavier than an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, although perfectly portable enough. But turn on the TouchPad and it’s all about registering for an HP account, agreeing to terms and conditions and generally going through a painfully corporate palaver. Is this as bad as plugging a new iPad into iTunes? Probably not, but it certainly doesn’t feel magical. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab price guide

imageOur guide to getting the best value Galaxy Tab on offer At launch, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is available across all five of the UK’s major networks. But it doesn’t exactly come cheap, with prices starting at around £499, which makes it more costly than the entry-level iPad.

Currently just about the best Android tablet out there, the Galaxy Tab appears the only serious option for those keen to try Google’s mobile OS on a tablet computer. Its pricing, however, could mean that only true Android fans buy one. (more…)

Top tablets: reviews

A quick look at each of the top six tablets currently available, in no particular order Pre-eminent and still the best tablet currently on the market, the iPad 2 is light, slim and a delight to use.

But it’s not just the fact that you can read books, check your emails, browse the webs or watch videos that mean Apple, for now, own this market: the iPad has spawned a library of Apps that is continuing to grow rapidly and that has changed how many consumers think of media.

That means that there are countless, excellent games as well as apps that reinvent magazines and serve purposes that were impossible on other devices. Even cab drivers collecting passengers at airports are using iPads for the name of the person they’re picking up. (more…)