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Samsung pulls tablet PC from trade show amid row

imageSouth Korea’s Samsung Electronics said Monday it has withdrawn its new tablet computer from a major electronics fair in Berlin after a German court accepted a complaint from US rival Apple.

Samsung Sunday removed its Galaxy Tab 7.7 inch from the annual IFA show following an order Friday from a district court in Duesseldorf banning sales and marketing, a company spokesman told AFP. (more…)

New mobile technology blurs the line between cell phone and PC

There was a lot of new technology introducedat the Consumer Electronics Show
the beginning of the year.image Now is the time when that new technology has startedto come out and become available to the public.

There is finally word about the Palm Pre coming out soon. The New York Times said yesterday that the phone would be coming out the first week of June. The phone, which has been hailed as the device that may very well save Palm from the brink of bankruptcy, has a new and “revolutionary” operating system called WebOS. Palm hasn’t created a new operating system in many years. (more…)

A computer-free projector?


Where can I find a projector that works without having a computer connected to it? Our photographic group meets monthly and nominates a theme.

Members then display and discuss the pictures they’ve taken at the following meeting. We use the projector setup at our local pub but it is really designed for football matches, TV etc.

It only accepts camera memory cards and even then will not permit us to open selected files. Is there such a thing as a projector with a USB port, so that we may use memory sticks? We only wish to show pictures so do not require sound or the facility to show movies. It would also have to be portable in order to remove it each week. Are there any models that work without a PC or laptop? (more…)

Apple iOS beats Google Android on security, says research

imageApple’s iOS mobile operating system is overall more secure against hackers and other online threats than its main rival, Google’s Android, according to research.

It is more resistant to three out of five types of threats including malware and data loss, the security firm Symantec said. On the other two categories, web-based attacks and social engineering attacks, the two operating systems came out even.

The security features of Apple’s software, which powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, are also better implemented than those of Android, Symantec said. (more…)

Microsoft aims for ‘beautiful PCs’

image‘The Collection’ will group together PCs that combine style and performance, Microsoft has said Microsoft has launched a bid to make PCs objects people aspire to own, with a new focus on design and style. (more…)