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Migrations, Tate Britain, review

imageFrom the New English Art Club in the 1890s to the Young British Artists a century later – and with the Newlyn, Camden Town, Vorticist, Bloomsbury, Kitchen Sink, Euston Road, St Ives and school of London painters in between – let’s face it: even those of us who love British art have to admit that most of it is pretty second rate.

Since the 18th century, this country has produced only a handful of world-class portrait and landscape painters, and two animal painters of genius. Apart from that – and a unique tradition of Romantic and visionary art passed down from William Blake to the Pre-Raphaelites – our gift to the world has largely consisted of warmed-over reactions to French, Italian and American ideas, inflected with a British accent. Migrations at Tate Britain adds a further twist of the knife by showing that whatever vitality British painting has ever had depended on the presence here of foreign-born artists. (more…)

Libya: Nick Clegg defends David Cameron for going on holiday

Nick Clegg has defended David Cameron’s decision to resume his summer holiday even though the Libyan crisis remains unresolved.

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke after taking the Prime Minister’s place as chairman of the National Security Committee dealing with Libya.

Mr Cameron is now on holiday in Cornwall – his third week of holiday this summer – with his family.

He returned to London on Monday morning, before resuming his holiday again yesterday morning.

Earlier this month, he also cut short an Italian holiday to return to work to respond to rioting in London and other English cities. (more…)

Art market: record total for a Latin American sale

imageSotheby’s achieved a record total for a Latin American art sale last week, in which Colombian Fernando Botero saw a record $1.2 million (£727,000) paid for a bronze sculpture of a man on a horse.

The Greek art market appears to have taken a bashing as the country continues to wrestle with economic tragedy. A Greek art sale at Sotheby’s this month saw less than half the lots sell, making just £2.4 million when between £4.6 million and £7 million had been expected. (more…)

October 25th is the day for all the gamers to experience the most electrifying journey as the elite U.S. Marines in the Battlefield 3.


Thisinteractive modern combatgame, developed by EA and DICE, is aimed to outshinethe charisma of rival Call of Duty. That is why battlefield 3 release date has been set before COD: Modern Warfare 3,which is now expected to be out on November 8th, 2011.

This first-person shooter game exhibits a combination of single, multiplayer and cooperative modes with maps set on the streets and different areas of Paris, New York, Tehran, Oman, Sarajevo, Wake Island and Sulaymaniyah. (more…)