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US Open champion Novak Djokokic insists he has much more to prove after victory over Rafael Nadal

imageSo, Novak Djokovic, how is the view from the top of the tennis world? We are here on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, 86 storeys above the yellow cabs honking at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street.

It seems a suitably elevated position for the Serb to be drinking in his status as US Open champion, studying an almost limitless horizon on a pristine Manhattan morning. (more…)

Art market: record total for a Latin American sale

imageSotheby’s achieved a record total for a Latin American art sale last week, in which Colombian Fernando Botero saw a record $1.2 million (£727,000) paid for a bronze sculpture of a man on a horse.

The Greek art market appears to have taken a bashing as the country continues to wrestle with economic tragedy. A Greek art sale at Sotheby’s this month saw less than half the lots sell, making just £2.4 million when between £4.6 million and £7 million had been expected. (more…)

Material Worlds at Sudeley Castle: A hymn to ancient and modern


Sotheby’s already held outdoor sculpture exhibitions for high-profile international artists at the Isleworth golf club in Florida, and at Chatsworth House. For Sudeley, however, it decided to change direction slightly and focus on the work of designers who make sculptural works, bridging the old, some would say outdated, distinctions between functional design and the fine arts. (more…)

October 25th is the day for all the gamers to experience the most electrifying journey as the elite U.S. Marines in the Battlefield 3.


Thisinteractive modern combatgame, developed by EA and DICE, is aimed to outshinethe charisma of rival Call of Duty. That is why battlefield 3 release date has been set before COD: Modern Warfare 3,which is now expected to be out on November 8th, 2011.

This first-person shooter game exhibits a combination of single, multiplayer and cooperative modes with maps set on the streets and different areas of Paris, New York, Tehran, Oman, Sarajevo, Wake Island and Sulaymaniyah. (more…)

The world is run by Tiger Wives

Wendi Deng is not alone in lashing out when her spouse is under fire.
The hearings were beginning to pall. What had started as the trial of the media’s biggest mogul was settling into the siesta of the patriarch: Rupert Murdoch seemed to be talking in his sleep, while James Murdoch fanned away the MPs’ annoying questions, lest they disturb Dad.

Viewers longing for drama felt short-changed. None of the lawmakers had laid a glove on the media mogul. And then – splat! – the (slapstick) comedian Jonathan May-Bowles threw a “pie” of shaving foam at Murdoch Senior and unleashed the Tiger Wife. (more…)

Google profit jump of 36pc answers critics

Google answered a growing chorus of critics on Wall Street last night by delivering profits that easily beat expectations.


The world’s largest search engine saw second-quarter profits jump 36pc to $2.51bn (£1.54bn), while revenues rose to $6.92bn. Google shares soared in extended trading in New York, as the company expands into mobile and display advertising.

Since becoming chief executive in April, Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, has drawn criticism from analysts for his plans to step up spending on hiring engineers as well as on product innovation.

Mr Page, who set up the company with Sergey Brin at California’s Stanford University, has insisted the investment is necessary as its battle with rivals Microsoft and Facebook intensifies.

The quarter’s performance was helped as Google’s move to tap the advertising dollars available when people use the search engine on their mobile devices showed signs of paying off. (more…)

Niece work for Cheyenne is good news for Tiger Woods’ family values

imageCheyenne Woods is stepping out of the shadow of her famous but flawed uncle and making a name for herself on the college golf circuit

The joke has worn thin after repeated airings in media outlets across the United States but it makes a powerful point about the most famously fallen athlete of the modern era. At last, it begins, the Woods family of golfers has found a winner.

The punchline is that the winner in question is not Tiger Woods, whose last victory came 18 months ago, but his 20-year-old niece Cheyenne, who last week – in a style not dissimilar to her famously dominant uncle in his heyday – beat the field at the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) women’s championship by seven shots.

Everyone is piling on poor old Tiger, even Cheyenne, who was asked in one of her television appearances this week if she might consider giving her uncle some advice on how to win a tournament. “Maybe I should,” she replied without missing a beat. (more…)

Grete Waitz obituary

imageThe long-distance runner who inspired women into the sport Grete Waitz, who has died aged 57, achieved an iconic status in women’s distance running, winning the World Marathon title in 1983, the New York Marathon nine times, the London Marathon twice, and the World Cross Country Championship on five occasions.

But the sum of those achievements, substantial though they are, is only part of the story. Women’s distance running was an embryonic sport in the late 1970s; Waitz changed that. Without fanfare (the Norwegian was a self-effacing, private person) she inspired women at all levels of ability to become runners. “She was the first world-class distance runner and she opened the doors for everyone. If it wasn’t for Grete, women’s distance running would not be where it is now,” said Liz McColgan, herself a winner of the New York and London marathons, and who, from 1992, was coached by Waitz.

Ironically, prior to her first marathon in 1978, Waitz had flirted with retirement. At that stage her achievements would already have satisfied many an athlete, with bronze medals in two European championships, and two 3,000m world records to her name. (more…)

Apple smashes forecasts despite selling fewer iPad devices.

imageApple’s latest profits have smashed Wall Street’s forecast despite the company selling fewer of its iPad devices than expected.

The Californian company racked up $5.99bn (£3.65bn) of profits in the first three months of the year, almost doubling the $3.07bn it made in the first quarter of 2010. Revenues jumped 83pc to $24.7bn, with almost 60pc of those coming from outside the US. (more…)

Libya: urgent UN talks on ‘dire’ humanitarian situation


British ministers will today join urgent United Nations talks over the “dire” humanitarian situation in Libya.

Discussion will focus on the rebel-held town of Misurata which has been under attack for more than five weeks. (more…)

REPORT: Seven States Where Republicans Are Ruining The Environment

As the budget standoff between the Republican controlled House of Representatives and the Democrats reaches a fever pitch, much of the media attention — and frustration — has been focused on reaching a solution to avert a government shutdown. (more…)

High School Soccer in the United States

High school soccer in the United States is as complex and varied as the country itself.
With fifty states each running scholastic sports independently of each other and with each of those states incorporating scores of city, district, and regional competitions, little is standardized beyond the rules; even the season in which the sport is played varies from location to location. (more…)