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Republicans win New York Congress seat

imageRepublican businessman Bob Turner has won a US Congress seat in a Democrat stronghold, dealing a major blow to President Barack Obama.

NY1 television reported that Mr Turner had defeated Democratic state and city legislator Dave Weprin in the election to fill the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner, who stepped down earlier this year following an online sex scandal. (more…)

US election 2012: Jon Huntsman would consider being Michele Bachmann’s running mate

imageJon Huntsman, a moderate Republican running for the White House, has said he would be “the first person to sign up, absolutely” to be the vice-presidential running mate for Tea Party favourite Michele Bachmann.

The former Utah governor, who was President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China until this year, quickly said he had no doubt he would win the Republican nomination but his apparent eagerness to be considered for the number two slot showed he holds little hope of winning. (more…)

US debt crisis: Barack Obama and Republicans ‘close to deal’


US President Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress are close to brokering a $3 trillion deal that would lift the national debt ceiling and avert a catastrophic financial default, the White House told Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill last night.

Global stock markets, already boosted by news that eurozone leaders had reached a provisional agreement on tackling the Greek debt crisis, surged after news of an imminent deal was reported in Washington.

Details of a US agreement were sketchy and the White House and Republicans denied that an agreement was in the offing but American media reported that a breakthrough had been reached involving major spending cuts and a tax overhaul. (more…)

Is President Obama all talk and no action?

The US President has produced little of substance to underpin his high-flown rhetoric about being willing to stand up for freedom, argues Janet Daley.


So what, after all that, are we to make of the great Obama-Cameron concord? What message exactly are we supposed to take from the speeches, the statements, the press conference and the ecstatic briefings? There was certainly an over-arching theme that no one was intended to miss: as a former US president might have put it, the torch has been passed to a new generation. (more…)