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Sad to say,

but this Turner should be allowed to go abroad


This marvellous picture, sold by Lord Rosebery for £30m earlier this year to the Getty Museum, is the one that Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has just slapped an export ban on.

You can see his point – it is a highly skilled picture of an A1 view by Turner at his best. But, all the same, it’s hard to justify keeping it here.

For several centuries – from about 1650 to 1900 – Britain, the richest country in the world, Hoovered up the lion’s share of the great European paintings on the market, not to mention some pretty good 5th century BC sculptures from the Parthenon.

That seems completely fair to me; fair too to hold on to them, given that those works, including the Elgin Marbles, were bought honestly. (more…)

Canucks Meet Blackhawks in 1st Round of NHL Playoffs

imageAmir Khan shuns Britain to become Golden Boy in US following controversial defeat of Paul McCloskey Acrimony and controversy, the loss of £1 million and a broken relationship with boxing’s principal television broadcaster marred Amir Khan’s ‘homecoming’ to Manchester to defend the World Boxing Association light-welterweight title after 17 months in the United States. In short, it was a public relations disaster for Khan (more…)