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Interim Libyan leader pleads for unity as tensions rise between factions

imageMustafa Abdul Jalil battles to quell row between Islamists and secularists amid fears internal split could derail rebuilding effort

Libya’s interim leader is facing a battle between conservative Islamic groups and secular figures as he struggles to unite multiple competing factions.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC), sought to quell anxiety over festering internal divisions in his first speech in Tripoli on Monday night. (more…)

Libya: Nick Clegg defends David Cameron for going on holiday

Nick Clegg has defended David Cameron’s decision to resume his summer holiday even though the Libyan crisis remains unresolved.

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke after taking the Prime Minister’s place as chairman of the National Security Committee dealing with Libya.

Mr Cameron is now on holiday in Cornwall – his third week of holiday this summer – with his family.

He returned to London on Monday morning, before resuming his holiday again yesterday morning.

Earlier this month, he also cut short an Italian holiday to return to work to respond to rioting in London and other English cities. (more…)

Is President Obama all talk and no action?

The US President has produced little of substance to underpin his high-flown rhetoric about being willing to stand up for freedom, argues Janet Daley.


So what, after all that, are we to make of the great Obama-Cameron concord? What message exactly are we supposed to take from the speeches, the statements, the press conference and the ecstatic briefings? There was certainly an over-arching theme that no one was intended to miss: as a former US president might have put it, the torch has been passed to a new generation. (more…)

Libya: David Cameron and Barack Obama discuss need to increase military pressure

imagePresident Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday discussed the need to increase diplomatic and economic pressure on Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, the White House said.
The two leaders agreed that U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding that the Libyan government cease violence against civilians must be fully implemented. (more…)

Libya: Liam Fox compares Libya to Afghan conflict

imageLiam Fox, the Defence Secretary, has stoked fears of a prolonged British role in Libya by comparing the conflict there to Afghanistan, where British forces have been fighting for almost a decade.

By James Kirkup, Ben Farmer in Benghazi 12:10AM BST 21 Apr 2011. (more…)

We must beware mission creep in Libya

imageFrom the outset, this newspaper has voiced its reservations about military action in Libya, not least because the avowed aims were too vague to make an exit strategy easy to discern. Undoubtedly, the boldness shown by David Cameron and President Nicolas Sarkozy in (more…)

Libya: urgent UN talks on ‘dire’ humanitarian situation


British ministers will today join urgent United Nations talks over the “dire” humanitarian situation in Libya.

Discussion will focus on the rebel-held town of Misurata which has been under attack for more than five weeks. (more…)