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Nintendo launch 3DS circle pad add-on

imageNintendo have unveiled an add-on for their Nintendo 3DS handheld console that will allow gamers to use two circle pads. Revealed at Nintendo’s press conference before the Tokyo Games Show and priced at 1500 yen (£12.30), the add-on will be released in Japan on 12th of December. With the add-on, Nintendo are hoping to provide enhanced usability, with the extra circle pad mirroring the dual-stick layout of many home console controllers (more…)

Obama team urges swift passage of jobs bill

imageWASHINGTON – With new data showing poverty in the USA at the highest level in nearly three decades, White House officials and liberal economists say it’s become critical for Congress to quickly approve a jobs-creation package.

The data show that 46 million Americans are living in poverty. The Census Bureau released the grim numbers Tuesday as President Obama traveled the battleground state of Ohio to press for his $447 billion jobs measure.

“We are at a crossroads,” said Isabel Sawhill, an economist at the Brookings Institution, a think tank. “We can, through policy, make things better. or through policy. we can make things worse.” (more…)

Boris Johnson tells George Osborne to cut National Insurance and 50p tax

Boris Johnson has urged the Chancellor George Osborne to cut National Insurance to boost economic growth after official figures showed the economy stagnating. image

The Mayor of London said a cut in taxes, including the scrapping of the 50p higher income tax rate, was essential to encourage entrepreneurs and “send a signal” that Britain was “open for business”.

His demand came amid growing pressure on George Osborne to develop new policies to boost economic growth. The Daily Telegraph disclosed that there was impatience among No 10 advisers, who wanted the Treasury to be more imaginative in kick-starting the economy. The Chancellor said yesterday that there was underlying growth in the economy and that the Treasury’s tactics had “provided stability in a very unstable world”. (more…)

Apple faces Japan earthquake supply concerns

imageApple’s latest blockbuster quarter is expected to be overshadowed by investors’ concerns that the Japanese earthquake has disrupted the global supply chain for the iPhone and iPad maker.

The Californian company has not spoken about the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in a country which is a hub for key components such as touch-screen glass, batteries and memory sticks. Apple’s latest device, the iPad2, came out on the same day the quake struck and analysts believe it is likely to hit sales and margins next quarter. (more…)

Google Android confirms smartphone dominance

imageGoogle’s Android operating system now powers nearly four in ten of all British smartphones
New research has confirmed Google growing dominance in mobile phones across Europe. In Britain, 38 per cent of all smartphones now run Google Android, compared to 35.9 per cent in France and 35.5 per cent in Germany. (more…)