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Irish cricketer Kevin O’Brien eager for IPL chance

imageIreland’s Kevin O’Brien will hope for more good news from Bangalore when the Indian Premier League players’ auction takes place in the southern Indian city on Saturday.

It was in Bangalore last year where O’Brien scored the fastest World Cup century of all time during Ireland’s sensational win over England.

O’Brien got to three figures in just 50 balls and finished with 113, including six sixes and 13 fours, in a magnificent display of clean hitting as Ireland won by three wickets with seven balls to spare. (more…)

David Cameron: in charge of the Coalition from day one

Today marks the first anniversary of a minor political miracle. A year ago tonight, David Cameron stood on the doorstep of No 10 in the aftermath of Gordon Brown’s ignominious exit, his mask of confidence disguising the uncertainty of his situation.
He had failed to win the election against a vastly unpopular prime minister battered by a crippling recession. It took a stroke of audacity to offer the Liberal Democrats concessions in exchange for a share of power, and without consulting his party. But all he had to go on was the affinity he had established with Nick Clegg, and his conviction that a coalition between like-minded leaders could govern effectively in the national interest. Even now, those who were involved in brokering that deal speak in tones of amazement at how quickly it was put together, and how long it has lasted.

Twelve months later, the Coalition, though dented, is still intact. It has got to work on its central duty of restoring the public finances to credibility, while launching revolutions in the way public services are delivered. Its senior personnel remain in place, even if some prefer to posture. It has carried on with one war – and launched another – while presiding over sweeping cuts to the Armed Forces. It exudes a sense of purpose and competence that continues to withstand individual examples of incompetence or folly. While we cannot be certain that it will last until its self-imposed expiry date of 2015, there is no reason why it should not. (more…)

For Ireland’s hardcore dissidents, ‘the Queen is a legitimate target’

imageAs republican terrorists wage war on the peace process, the Observer reports on the threat to the royal visit to Dublin

It was another blow to a Good Friday agreement that now seems a long time ago, delivered on the same day 13 years later. Northern Ireland awoke on Friday morning to find that a new group had joined the ranks of armed republican terrorism. Against a backdrop of increasingly violent dissident activity, a statement had been obtained by the Belfast Telegraph heralding the arrival of another player on the scene. (more…)

Ireland could get World Cup 2015 reprieve after ICC president calls for executive board to reconsider changes

imageIreland have been handed a World Cup lifeline after the International Cricket Council agreed to review its decision to change the format of the next tournament in 2015. (more…)