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Obama Urges Congress to ‘Get on Board’ With More Infrastructure Spending

imagePresident Obama called for Congress to “get on board” with more infrastructure spending and a new round of middle-class tax cuts Monday, as he delivered a campaign-style speech that served as a warm-up to a vital jobs address later this week.

Interrupted repeatedly by chants of “four more years,” the president marked Labor Day in Detroit at a rally with the nation’s top labor leaders. He used the address to underscore his alliance with the labor movement — at a time when cracks are starting to show — and preview some of the proposals he’ll outline during a speech Thursday before a joint session of Congress. (more…)

GOP Vote Against Fighting Climate Change Latest Move In History Of Environmental Extremism

In an attempt to gut the Clean Air Act, all but one of the Republican senators voted today to end EPA regulation of greenhouse gases. Despite defections by four Democratic senators, the measure narrowly failed to pass. (more…)

New Poll: After Promoting Birther Conspiracy, Donald Trump Vaults Into First Place In Presidential Primary

Real estate mogul and possible presidential candidate Donald Trump has embraced virtually every conspiracy theory about President Obama popular among the right-wing. (more…)