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Samsung pulls tablet PC from trade show amid row

imageSouth Korea’s Samsung Electronics said Monday it has withdrawn its new tablet computer from a major electronics fair in Berlin after a German court accepted a complaint from US rival Apple.

Samsung Sunday removed its Galaxy Tab 7.7 inch from the annual IFA show following an order Friday from a district court in Duesseldorf banning sales and marketing, a company spokesman told AFP. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab price guide

imageOur guide to getting the best value Galaxy Tab on offer At launch, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is available across all five of the UK’s major networks. But it doesn’t exactly come cheap, with prices starting at around £499, which makes it more costly than the entry-level iPad.

Currently just about the best Android tablet out there, the Galaxy Tab appears the only serious option for those keen to try Google’s mobile OS on a tablet computer. Its pricing, however, could mean that only true Android fans buy one. (more…)

Apple refuses to play the numbers game

imageDo you know what mix of rubber is used in the tyres on your car? I don’t. I don’t know the power of the motor in my vacuum cleaner or which salts have been added to the water in my central heating, these things are profoundly uninteresting.

This is what happens with mature technology. Although it’s the subject of deep study to some specialists and the experiences we have depends on their good work, we can’t bring ourselves to care about every little thing, the world’s too complicated. Car tyre rubber mixes, for example, will go towards determining the quality of the ride and the stopping distance, so your comfort and safety both rely on them but it won’t enter your mind when choosing which car to buy no matter how much you might obsess over piston capacity. (more…)