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Technology may improve care, increase independence for older persons

imageAs the global population of older persons continues to grow, healthcare professionals worldwide are turning to technology to ensure aging individuals receive personalized attention in the event that there is a shortage of qualified caregivers.

Healthcare providers across the globe have begun to adopt electronic record keeping so that organizations that have a great deal of patients may reach their information in an efficient manner. (more…)

Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

imageThe Savannah College of Art and Design is the most comprehensive art and design university in the world, offering more degree programs and specializations than any other art and design university.

SCAD is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution conferring bachelor’s and master’s degrees in distinctive locations and online to prepare talented students for professional careers. (more…)

The world is run by Tiger Wives

Wendi Deng is not alone in lashing out when her spouse is under fire.
The hearings were beginning to pall. What had started as the trial of the media’s biggest mogul was settling into the siesta of the patriarch: Rupert Murdoch seemed to be talking in his sleep, while James Murdoch fanned away the MPs’ annoying questions, lest they disturb Dad.

Viewers longing for drama felt short-changed. None of the lawmakers had laid a glove on the media mogul. And then – splat! – the (slapstick) comedian Jonathan May-Bowles threw a “pie” of shaving foam at Murdoch Senior and unleashed the Tiger Wife. (more…)

Are Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson edging towards world domination?

imageFormer business secretary being lined up as WTO head while former prime minister may head to Brussels

Fans of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, who mourn their departure from the political frontline, will be dancing with joy.

Two of the founding fathers of New Labour could make a spectacular comeback on the world stage in the next few years. I reported last month that David Cameron is prepared to back Mandelson as the next director general of the World Trade Organisation, raising the prospect of a fourth comeback by the former Prince of Darkness. (more…)

Me and my iPad: Suzi Perry

Suzi Perry describes how her iPad is set up and explains why GarageBand is her favourite app.

My homescreen is completely different to the default one. I’ve rammed it full of all the apps I love and use the most.

I use Twitbird Pro an awful lot to actively engage with my devoted Twitter followers, so that is a must-have home screen app for me; I’m still amazed at quite how many people want to follow me. (more…)

Libya: Liam Fox compares Libya to Afghan conflict

imageLiam Fox, the Defence Secretary, has stoked fears of a prolonged British role in Libya by comparing the conflict there to Afghanistan, where British forces have been fighting for almost a decade.

By James Kirkup, Ben Farmer in Benghazi 12:10AM BST 21 Apr 2011. (more…)

Google Android confirms smartphone dominance

imageGoogle’s Android operating system now powers nearly four in ten of all British smartphones
New research has confirmed Google growing dominance in mobile phones across Europe. In Britain, 38 per cent of all smartphones now run Google Android, compared to 35.9 per cent in France and 35.5 per cent in Germany. (more…)