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Interim Libyan leader pleads for unity as tensions rise between factions

imageMustafa Abdul Jalil battles to quell row between Islamists and secularists amid fears internal split could derail rebuilding effort

Libya’s interim leader is facing a battle between conservative Islamic groups and secular figures as he struggles to unite multiple competing factions.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC), sought to quell anxiety over festering internal divisions in his first speech in Tripoli on Monday night. (more…)

David Cameron moves to water down new EU job laws

David Cameron may overrule Vince Cable by diluting controversial new EU employment laws to be introduced next month, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The Prime Minister’s office secretly commissioned its own legal advice on the Agency Workers Directive, which concluded that the impact of the new laws could be moderated.

The directive, to be introduced under EU law, will give temporary agency workers the same rights as full-time workers to pay, holiday and maternity leave after 12 weeks of employment. The laws are expected to cost British businesses almost £2 billion a year. (more…)

Are Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson edging towards world domination?

imageFormer business secretary being lined up as WTO head while former prime minister may head to Brussels

Fans of Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, who mourn their departure from the political frontline, will be dancing with joy.

Two of the founding fathers of New Labour could make a spectacular comeback on the world stage in the next few years. I reported last month that David Cameron is prepared to back Mandelson as the next director general of the World Trade Organisation, raising the prospect of a fourth comeback by the former Prince of Darkness. (more…)

EU ‘wastes billions in aid’

imageThe EU is spending billions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money on spurious aid projects such as giving dance lessons to impoverished Africans, it was claimed. (more…)