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US election 2012: Jon Huntsman would consider being Michele Bachmann’s running mate

imageJon Huntsman, a moderate Republican running for the White House, has said he would be “the first person to sign up, absolutely” to be the vice-presidential running mate for Tea Party favourite Michele Bachmann.

The former Utah governor, who was President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China until this year, quickly said he had no doubt he would win the Republican nomination but his apparent eagerness to be considered for the number two slot showed he holds little hope of winning. (more…)

David Cameron: Britain faces crisis of confidence

David Cameron has warned that Britain is facing a crisis of confidence with a “general feeling” that the “best days” of the country are now behind us.


The Prime Minister has admitted that there is now a “sense” that rich and powerful Britons have been “serving themselves” and urges people to work more closely together to build a better society.

In an interview with this week’s Big Issue magazine in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, Mr Cameron says that he “passionately believes” that Britain can be a country that “believes in itself”.

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, admitted yesterday that ministers had been scared to face up to powerful people. (more…)

The world is run by Tiger Wives

Wendi Deng is not alone in lashing out when her spouse is under fire.
The hearings were beginning to pall. What had started as the trial of the media’s biggest mogul was settling into the siesta of the patriarch: Rupert Murdoch seemed to be talking in his sleep, while James Murdoch fanned away the MPs’ annoying questions, lest they disturb Dad.

Viewers longing for drama felt short-changed. None of the lawmakers had laid a glove on the media mogul. And then – splat! – the (slapstick) comedian Jonathan May-Bowles threw a “pie” of shaving foam at Murdoch Senior and unleashed the Tiger Wife. (more…)

US debt standoff threatens to turn crisis into catastrophe

• Republicans insist on spending cuts without raising taxes
• Obama sets 22 July deadline for action
• JP Morgan chief warns of severe damage to global economy if US defaults


President Barack Obama with Republican and Democrat leaders including Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate (second from right) to discuss the debt ceiling. Photograph: Charles Dharapak/AP

The US faces the prospect of a “catastrophe” as President Barack Obama stands firm against Republican demands for deep spending cuts without any tax increases as the condition for raising the country’s borrowing limit and avoiding a debt default.

With Washington gripped by a growing sense that it may be too late to avert a crisis, the president has said he will give the increasingly rancorous negotiations until the end of next week to reach agreement on the terms for raising the US’s $14.3 trillion (£8.9tn) debt ceiling. (more…)

Skype for the Android Smart Phones Now Available For Download

Effective technology at its best
imageThe availability of Skype for Android Smart phones is threatening to bring the market to a standstill with sheer admiration. The use of Wi-Fi technology has never been better than this. They have really gone all out with the design tricks and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

The exceptions in the USA, China and Japan are rather disappointing but everyone else can enjoy this capability with full gusto. This is a long awaited development and it seems that they were simply sitting on a treasure. (more…)

A pint of shatterproof glass, please: what the Design Council does for us

imageHow can we stop pub violence, eradicate superbugs, and save British businesses? With safety glass, superloos and flowerpots inspired by the recently saved Design Council Every year there are 87,000 incidents of violence involving the drunken wielding of glassware. This costs the NHS an estimated £2.7bn (I’ve no idea how they work this out).

Is there anything we can do about this? The police proposed compulsory plastic glasses, but this smacked too much of the nanny state. Instead, as part of its Design Out Crime initiative, the Design Council commissioned an unbreakable pint glass that was still made of real glass. The agency Design Bridge came up with two solutions: one uses a coating of bio-resin that strengthens it considerably; the other uses two thin layers of glass bonded together like a car windshield. In both cases, the glass will crack but not shatter. When these models actually make it into pubs we can expect “glassing” to be a thing of the past, although the NHS may see the incidence of alcohol-related bruising go through the roof. (more…)

David Coulthard: Lewis Hamilton’s wondrous drive in China shakes Formula One season into life

imageIt is one of the most overused clichés in sport but what a difference a week makes.

Following his setback in Malaysia, where he dropped from second to seventh with an unscheduled fourth pit stop, Lewis Hamilton looked confused. Disgruntled. He was saying one thing, his team were saying another. (more…)