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Nick Clegg gave David Cameron multiple warnings about hiring Andy Coulson

Phone hacking:

Nick Clegg gave David Cameron multiple warningsaboutthe risks of hiring Andy Coulson,the Deputy Prime Minister has disclosed.


Mr Clegg said Liberal Democrats had been raising concerns about phone hacking even before the general election, and he was the first person in Government to demand a judge-led inquiry into the allegations.

And the Liberal Democrat leader confirmed that he had raised questions at the time of the creation of the coalition about Mr Cameron’s decision to bring former News of the World editor Andy Coulson into the heart of the Government as Downing Street director of communications. (more…)

Phone hacking: News International lifts gagging order imposed on its lawyers

The full extent of the alleged cover-up at the News of the World could be disclosed after News International bowed to pressure and lifted a gagging order it had imposed on its lawyers.

In the latest development in the phone hacking scandal, Rupert Murdoch’s company agreed to release details of its dealings with Harbottle & Lewis, the lawyers who for four years held company emails containing details of wrongdoing at the Sunday tabloid. (more…)

News of the World closed down: Nick Clegg ‘warned David Cameron of Coulson risks’

David Cameron was personally warned by Nick Clegg about the risks of appointing Andy Coulson as his communications chief but overruled him, a senior Cabinet Minister has disclosed.


The Deputy Prime Minister was told he had no “standing” to object to the former News of The World editor being given the Downing Street job despite the phone hacking scandal, according to Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary.

Mr Huhne’s comments follow the disclosure by the former Lib Dem leader Lord Ash-down that he also warned the Prime Minister of the “terrible damage” to the coalition if he employed Mr Consul.

Details of the high-level warnings emerged despite Mr Cameron’s insistence that he received “no actionable information” about Mr Consul before the appointment.

On Saturday it was disclosed that Alan Bridger, editor of The Guardian, also contacted Mr Cameron’s aides to warn them about how the News of The World had rehired Jonathan Rees, a private detective knowing that he had served seven years in jail conspiring to frame a woman. (more…)